Flying the Flag for Charity


6Children from Dreams and Wishes were asked by the Fullcircle team planning to scale Mount Kilimanjaro to paint a flag for them to take to the summit.

As part of an art workshop, hosted by Fullcircle, at the Children’s Hospital of Wales the children, who are all currently working with the charity, got together to design and paint the flag which the team will carry with them on their journey as reminder of their cause.

The Fullcircle Team, which is made up of Managing Director Marc Eckley, employees and ex-Paralympian John Harris, are aiming to raise £50,000 for the charity from their climb.

Marc and John, who were present at the art workshop, have been in training for months preparing for their climb.

Marc said: “We wanted to do something fun for the children and felt it would be all the more significant if the flag we fly atop Kilimanjaro was created by the children themselves, the flag will serve as a reminder of why we’re climbing”

The children’s finished creation will be photographed on Kilimanjaro’s true peak ‘Uhuru’, which is 19, 241 feet above sea level. The team are expected to reach the peak on the 22nd of October where they’ll photograph the children’s flag next to the famous Kilimanjaro sign.

If you’d be interested in finding out more about the team’s efforts or to donate, click here.

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