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February 2014

Wish Story: Manchester United win completes Lloyd’s dream


photo3Lloyd Evans has always dreamed of being able to go and watch his beloved football team, Manchester United, play at Old Trafford – and last month, he got to do just that!

Lloyd, from Cardiff, travelled to Manchester with his family last month to watch Manchester United play against Swansea and luckily he was able to beat the Welsh side with a final score of 2-0. read more

Wish Story: Conrad’s Footballing Dream!


IMG_2589Fifteen year old Conrad Errington  is huge football fan but had never been able to go to see his favourite team, Swansea FC, play. Dreams & Wishes have been working with Conrad for over a year now and were pleased to be able to send him to watch a very special Derby match, Swansea v Cardiff. Conrad’s mum and dad sent us a lovely email recently and we wanted to share it with you… read more

Lighting the Way: Pearl’s Story


Pearl-smallPearl Petersen is a bright young adult who has always dreamed of doing something creative. Unfortunately her dreams were rocked when she found out she had a brain tumour over six years ago. Thankfully, Pearl is now on the way to recovery and Dreams & Wishes is now working with her to ensure that she is able to build her dream creative future. Her mum has recently sent us a fantastic letter, letting us know Pearl’s story and we wanted to share it with you! read more