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November 2013

Wish Story: Liam meets his footballing heroes!


imageNine year old Liam Gibbons has had his dream come true this month as he got to meet all the players of his favourite football team, Manchester United.

Dreams & Wishes organised for Liam, who is suffering from a life threatening form of Cancer, and his family to travel to Manchester to stay overnight and meet all of the team’s players at their training ground the next day.

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Jaime Millard tackles Tough Mudder for Dreams & Wishes


tough-mudder-smallA huge thank you must go out to Jaime Millard and his team for their amazing contribution they have made to the charity this year.

Gym owner Jaime and his team have pushed themselves all in aid of the charity took part in a Tough Mudder event, one of the toughest events on the planet.

The grueling assault course saw the team make their way along the 25 obstacles, including ice baths, electrocution, cage crawling and tyre dragging, except the team went further by completing the 15 mile long course 3 times over. read more